Sleeves And Fittings For Hose
Production of sleeves and fittings for hoses of all diameters and with all types of connections.
Davy produces sleeves and fittings to connect the hose to the vacuum cleaner body, or to the handles and extensions. The sleeves are available both in the fixed model and in the revolving one, which avoids the intertwining of the hose making the use of the device more manageable; for maximum adaptability, Davy sleeves and fittings are available for all types of connections - grooved, bayonet and with pin - and with all the reducers necessary to connect them to pipes and connections of any diameter. Particular attention was paid to the choice of materials: these accessories have the rings made of self-lubricating plastic material, which reduces friction and, therefore, wear of the pieces, thus facilitating their use and extending their useful life; the air mixed with dust that would come out of any cracks, in fact, is abrasive and could spread them up to disassemble the entire ring nut. For the body of the sleeve, instead, a resistant shock-resistant plastic is used.
Like all Davy products, sleeves and fittings are also fully customizable in shape, color and size, so as to adapt perfectly to the specific needs of the customer.

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