Extension Tubes For Vacuum Cleaners
Production of vacuum cleaner extension tubes, in sturdy and rigid plastic, also telescopic ones.
The daily use of vacuum cleaners requires using special extension tubes, to allow the brushes and other accessories to reach the most distant and uncomfortable areas. The Davy vacuum cleaner extension tubes, unlike the steel models offered by most of our competitors, are made of thermoplastic material, designed specifically to offer superior performance. The plastic tubes are in fact characterized by a resistance equal to that of stainless steel, but they are much cheaper and lighter and - thanks to the careful formulation of the thermoplastic material used - much more rigid than the second-quality plastic models, so as they do not bend or flex; they are also shockproof, so they do not cause damage to furniture and walls, and are able to resist aggressive chemicals used in some detergents. Where necessary, we also produce telescopic extension tubes, for maximum ease of use.
Like all Davy products, the extension tubes are fully customizable in shape, materials and dimensions, so as to adapt perfectly to the specific needs of the customer.

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