Accessories For Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Production of accessories for industrial labor-intensive aspiration, designed for all sizes and connections, also custom-made.

Davy manufactures accessories for excellent quality industrial vacuum cleaners for its customers. Made of impact-resistant plastic, resistant to wear and tear even with intensive use of the appliance for eight hours a day, they combine this sturdiness with a lightness much greater than that of the metal accessories often offered as standard, thus proving to be more manageable. Since the production of vacuum cleaning accessories in plastic also allows the creation of much more articulated and ergonomic shapes than metal, the ease of use for the operator is clearly increased. The variety of accessories and configurations available, also equipped with bristle brushes and brushes, allows the cleaning of furniture and walls as well as upholstery, without any risk of damaging the less robust surfaces.
Accessories for Davy industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to optimize air flow: this allows full exploitation of the engine power and reduces wear and noise generated, thus ultimately offering superior performance and ensuring longer life of the device. Like all Davy products, all our accessories are also fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design for you the perfect accessory for your industrial vacuum cleaning device.

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