Eco Design Brushes And Nozzles
Production of brushes and nozzles for vacuum cleaners with eco-friendly design, professional and industrial, for all diameters, even custom-made.
In the tradition of vacuum cleaning nozzles and brushes, Davy is now part of a new type of product, designed to meet the new challenges related to environmental protection. In full compliance with the European Ecolabel regulations, which dictate the need to optimize electricity consumption with a view to general energy saving, this is how the Davy Eco design brushes and nozzles are created, with a vacuum chamber specifically designed to increase the performance of the motors to reduced power while guaranteeing perfect cleaning of floors and surfaces of all types. Of course, as always, our Eco design brushes and brushes are made of impact-resistant plastic, so as not to damage the surfaces they come into contact with.
Like all Davy brushes, the Eco design line has also been designed to optimize air flow, thus reducing wear and noise. Furthermore, another feature common to all our products, even the brushes and nozzles for vacuum cleaners are fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design the accessory perfect for your vacuum cleaning device, with a design that comply with the regulations on ecology.

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