Antistatic/Conductive Brushes And Accessories
Production of antistatic and conductive brushes for vacuum cleaning in delicate industrial environments or based on ATEX standards.
In some industrial environments, it is necessary that vacuum cleaning is carried out in compliance with particular safety standards, both to avoid the risk of explosions - as regulated by ATEX standards - and not to damage particularly delicate devices with the accumulation of static electricity. To this end, Davy offers its customers brushes made of special antistatic plastic compounds - used, for example, in sectors where the presence of very fine dust can generate the risk of explosion, such as in the food sector - or loaded with metals to be conductive - as required, for example, in the electronics sector.
The Davy antistatic and conductive brushes are designed to better channel the internal flow of the intake air: reducing both wear and noise level and, at the same time, allowing full exploitation of the engine power, this guarantees superior performance and a longer useful life of the appliance. Like all Davy products, our antistatic brushes are also fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design the perfect accessory for your vacuum cleaning device.

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