Accessories For Vacuum Cleaners
Production of accessories for vacuum cleaning of shavings, sawdust, and dust from all surfaces, designed for all sizes and connections and customizable.
Davy offers customers top-quality vacuum cleaner accessories. Made of shock-resistant plastic with high elasticity that does not mark or damage furniture and walls, the accessories offered by Davy include nozzles for upholstery and for clothes equipped with velvets for the collection of animal hair, brushes for dusting both synthetic and natural bristle, thin brushes for radiators and vacuum cleaning lances. The plastic used for these devices is always elastic and stabilized, so as to hold the tufts of bristles without allowing them to be torn by rubbing on the surfaces. All the accessories can be connected by means of a special accessory-holder both to the extension tube and to the machine body, and back protector joints are available for vacuum cleaning of the upholstery; the diameters available range from the smallest for domestic use to the large calibers required in the industrial sector.
Davy vacuum cleaner accessories are designed to optimize air flow: this allows full exploitation of engine power and reduces wear and noise generated, ultimately offering superior performance and ensuring longer life of the device. Like all Davy products, all our accessories are also fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design for you the perfect accessory for your vacuum cleaning device.

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