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An evolution that, since 1941, led the production of brushes for house cleaning

to the design and the manufacture of accessories and brushes for vacuum cleaners in all application industries: Davy offers decades of experience.

Davy is a company that gained its experience over decades: a history that has always and mainly been characterised by new needs of the customers and the market, as well as the relevant work to meet such needs in a thorough way all the time. It was 1941 when Davide Roschi established this company: in those days, the electrical appliances were still luxury products on the market. Indeed, Davy originally dealt with the artisanal production of brushes for personal hygiene – such as beard brushes – and house cleaning.


With the passing of the years, and thanks to the prosperity that was achieved following the end of the war, new opportunities arose on varied markets. Thus, the company started to develop specific solutions, such as brushes that were conceived for the jewellery-making industry, circular brushes for the shoe industry, and special products to be used by glassmakers. In addition, it gradually approached the world of household appliances, which was becoming increasingly popular. In that period, the company started a tradition – that will remain unchanged in the future – to source high-tech machinery and systems being specifically designed for Davy, really unique items, in order to develop products that really meet the practical needs of the customers. At the time of floor polishers boom, a partnership with an important German manufacturer assured the company an absolutely leading position on the market.

During the ’80s, the market of household appliances had become more than solid, and the requests by the final customers – and so of the manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and similar devices, which rely on Davy for the manufacture of brushes, accessories and suction nozzles – became higher and higher. It was during this phase that Sergio Bernasconi entered the company as a sales engineer and provided the great value added of his chemical knowledge to the existing customised design heritage of Davy. Thanks to the research on thermoplastic compounds and mixes, as well as the introduction of automatic injection moulding, it was possible to stop using outdated materials, such as Bakelite, and offer the market with shock-resistant products, which were characterised by excellent dimensional stability, and a duration that was unimaginable before. This way, Davy was capable of entering the growing market of vacuum cleaners.

The company dominated the market until the sharp reduction in the demand caused by a major recession of the industry. Thanks to the leading guide of Barbara Roschi, daughter of the founder, which was based on a careful renovation, the company overcame the difficult period by converting to the design and the development of accessories for professional and drum-type vacuum cleaners, by taking inspiration from the industrial models of the United States. This way, the company conquered a new leading position. Again, thanks to its own accurate research on materials and formulas for the plastic materials being used, Davy could offer products in any shade of colour, adding an important and distinctive look to the industrial design. This approach will prove to be crucial when the onset and the spreading of vacuum-cleaning devices will make the heat resistance of accessories a key factor during the ’90s.

Since the year 2000, the conditions of the industry were deeply changed by the spreading of cheap products that were made with low quality materials, with the massive penetration onto the market of Asian manufacturers that only aimed at reducing the price. However, this situation allowed Davy to further develop its own activity. Indeed, it took a decision that was in line with past accomplishments: refuse quality compromises and aim at technological and aesthetical diversification, focussing on high-quality and customised products with tailor-made solutions according to the needs of every customer, always paying great attention to technology and performance. It was another winning choice for the company, which gained back its leading position by moving 80% of its turnover from the Italian to the international market.

Nowadays, the customers – the manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and the distributors of spare parts – rely on Davy for the design and the manufacture of the accessories for their own products. Indeed, they know that, thanks to our brand, they will be able to offer its final customers with devices that are

faultless and characterised by maximised performances, always tailor made for the specific household appliance where they are installed, in all industrial and professional applications and industries.

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