Accessories For Steam Cleaner
Production of accessories for steam cleaning of stubborn dirt from any surface, designed for all sizes and connections, also custom-made.
Davy offers its customers the highest quality vacuum cleaner accessories. Davy accessories are made of plastic resistant to deformations from high temperatures, so as to offer a long operating life even with daily use. Thanks to special adapters, it is possible to mount brushes of different sizes and hardness, so as to be able to connect any type of dirt, or lances and scrapers specifically designed for the removal of chewing gum, dry glues and vegetable resins from surfaces; in addition to this, the adapter also allows the assembly of standard lances, brushes and vacuum cleaner nozzles, so that one can clean with a single appliance. For the professional sector, a special lance and brushes are also made, with an internal steam jet that maximizes the effectiveness of cleaning. For specific needs, small and large glass wipers are also available, both with and without bristles, so as to allow thorough cleaning and drying in a single process, and plungers to remove blockages.  
The Davy vacuum cleaner accessories are designed to allow full use of the engine power and reduce the wear and noise generated, thus ultimately offering superior performance and ensuring longer life of the device. Like all Davy products, all our accessories are also fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design for you the perfect accessory for your steam cleaning device.

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