Lances For Vacuum Cleaners
Production of vacuum cleaner lances for solid, liquid and oil debris, also in antistatic material.
Davy vacuum cleaner nozzles are designed to concentrate engine power on a smaller area, so as to allow vacuum removal - especially in the industrial sector - of larger and heavier debris than normal dust, or even to separate them if they have adhered to the surface to be cleaned. The fundamental choice for the manufacture of these lances is that of the material: the particular formulation of the plastic used - also available in an antistatic version - guarantees both rigidity with respect to deformations and resistance to mechanical and chemical wear, thus allowing vacuum removal even of liquids, oils and fats without damage, and with a resistance equal to that of stainless steel often used by other brands - but without the risk of damage to furniture and walls that metal entails.
The utmost attention is paid to the calculation of air flows when designing Davy vacuum cleaner nozzles; this allows to reduce the noise generated, thus making the use more comfortable, reducing the wear of the piece, which increases the life of the device, and fully exploiting the power of the motor, which allows much higher performance. Like all Davy products, our vacuum cleaner lances are also fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design the perfect accessory for your vacuum cleaning device.

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