A bit of history

With the passing of time, several anecdotes can be told about our history

Here you can find some of the most bizarre ones:

The crisis of Tampico

Originally, the bristles that were waxed into the brushes for floor polishers were made with a natural fibre, called tampico, which was obtained from Agave leaves. Years ago, a recession of the market of this material sharply increased its prices overnight: here in Davy, Sergio Bernasconi specifically developed a synthetic fibre – which was made in yellow, exactly like tampico – boasting the same features at a much lower price.

Pioneers on the territory

The change from the market of floor polishers to vacuum cleaners marked a clear evolution within Davy's history. In Italy, nobody manufactured the accessories for such devices. By getting inspired from the models coming from the United States – the renowned drum vacuum cleaners - Davy manufactured the very first accessories for vacuum cleaners in Italy.

A mysterious abbreviation

Have you ever observed a floor polisher brush in a careful way? Regardless of its origin – even in case of models that are manufactured in China – you will notice that the abbreviation “D001” is stamped on it. It is not the identification of the brand or the material being used or of the machinery for which it was developed: actually, it is an abbreviation that was inadvertently copied from the first model that was produced by Davy, where D exactly meant Davide Roschi, the founder of the company.

Thirty years ago, already partnering with the big brands

Our print archive includes brochures and catalogues that cover thirty years of history of industrial, professional and household vacuum-cleaning industry. It is always a pleasure to see that the brushes that we design and manufacture are frequently shown in plain view in the advertising pictures and sales brochures of the devices of the most important brands.

First on the market

Have you ever used a coin-operated vacuum cleaner at a carwash to clean the inside of your car? If so, it is extremely likely that you used one of our products: our nozzles for self-service vacuum-cleaners are the most widely used by all carwashes.

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