Accessories For Centralized Vacuum Cleaning
Production of universal accessories for centralized vacuum cleaning, with chromed and low noise level sleeves.
The Davy accessories and universal brushes for centralized vacuum cleaning are designed to be fitted on all centralized vacuum cleaning systems used in the industrial and professional sector. Among the main characteristics of these products there is certainly their silence, obtained through an expert design; in addition to this, special chromed sleeves are available, which in addition not to consume the activation contacts present in the couplings, guarantee greater strength and durability and reduce the need for plant maintenance.
Davy central vacuum cleaning accessories are designed with the aim of ensuring long life and excellent performance; this objective is obtained through a careful engineering of the pieces that optimizes the air flow inside them. In this way, in fact, wear is reduced, the level of noise generated is drastically reduced, and the engine power is fully exploited. Like all Davy products, all our extraction washing accessories are also fully customizable: in addition to allowing the choice of color on customer request, and customization with the desired corporate brand, we can design the perfect accessory for your extraction washing device.

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